Why take aptis?


Aptis is an international English aptitude test developed by the British Council, the co-owner of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), with over 80 years of experience of English teaching and assessment worldwide.

Aptis is trusted and used by the organisations in the academic and corporate sectors internationally to identify the level of English language skills of their employees based on the CEFR Common European Framework of Reference (A1-C2).

staff.am users have the opportunity to register for Aptis test and receive a validation of their English language level, that will be confirmed through a special Aptis badge on the user profile and will be visible to the Employers.

Aptis will measure your knowledge of Grammar and Vocabulary as well as any or all of the four skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Depending on the requirements of employer as stated on the job announcement or the nature of your profession you can choose the combination of the skills you need to perform the job well.

Taking Aptis will show your potential employer that you are serious about your interest in joining their organisation and will make you stand out of the rest of the job applicants due to the trusted and validated level of English knowledge.

How to register for Aptis


To register for the Aptis test you will first need to select your preferred Aptis test package and then complete the online registration form. Once your form is complete and submitted you will be assigned a candidate number through a confirmation, which you will need to print out to present to the British Council on the test day.

You will need to make a payment equivalent to the price of your preferred test package (consult Prices for Aptis Packages) within 5 working days from the registration date.

Payment can be made through bank transfer from the bank of your choice or using an online payment system. Below are the details to be provided for the transaction:

Bank a/c no: 001-146026-050
Bank: HSBC Bank Armenia
Receiver’s name: British Council Armenian Branch
Purpose/Notes: Aptis {site_name} [ test-taker’s name / ID number]

Within 1-2 working days after your payment you will receive an email confirmation with the date, time and place of your Aptis test. On the test day you will need to provide the identification document that was used during the online registration and the printed confirmation from staff.am with your candidate number.

For enquiries about your registration or the Aptis test please contact the British Council at [email protected] or by calling +374 10 552 945.

For technical issues during registration please contact us at {site_name} team.

How to prepare for Aptis

Aptis test is an aptitude test and doesn’t require any special preparation. It is very straightforward and measures your current language ability.

The test is fully computer-based and a familiarisation test is offered on the test day immediately before the main test, where you will be shown how to navigate through the test.

You may also take a demo test available online by following the QR code at the tope of this page or simply by visiting https://www.britishcouncil.org/exam/aptis/take.

Here you can also familiarise yourself to the Aptis Candidate Guide.

Prices for Aptis Packages

Please note that all packages include the core Grammar and Vocabulary component.

Package Price in AMD *
1 skill + Grammar and Vocabulary
Aptis Reading package 7,000
Aptis Listening Package 7,000
Aptis Writing package 9,800
Aptis Speaking package 12,600
2 skills + Grammar and Vocabulary
Aptis Listening and Reading 9,800
Aptis Reading and Writing 13,300
Aptis Listening and Writing 13,300
Aptis Reading and Speaking 16,100
Aptis Listening and Speaking 16,100
Aptis Writing and Speaking 16,800
3 skills + Grammar and Vocabulary
Atis Listening, Reading and Writing 16,800
Aptis Listening, Reading and Speaking 20,300
Aptis Reading, Writing and Speaking 24,500
Aptis Listening, Speaking and Writing 24,500
4 skills + Grammar and Vocabulary
Aptis Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking 28,000

Aptis Test Calendar

Please note that all packages include the core Grammar and Vocabulary component.

January 2018
26 January
February 2018
9 February
23 February
March 2018
9 March
23 March
April 2018
6 April
20 April
May 2018
4 May
18 May
June 2018
1 June
15 June
29 June
July 2018
13 July
27 July
September 2018
7 September
21 September
October 2018
5 October
19 October
November 2018
2 November
16 November
30 November
December 2018
14 December

Reflect Aptis test results on your staff.am profile

You can seamlessly reflect your Aptis test results on your staff.am online CV and maximise your chances of getting hired. Simply check that you want the results to appear on your staff.am online profile, and we will contact you after the test to arrange the rest. A screenshot from a sample test results is shown below.