Business Fundamentals

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Training Description:

In today’s job market, fundamental management, communication and decision-making skills as well as overall business acumen continue to be of high value to employers.

In this intensive MicroMasters program, taught by one of the world’s leading academic business schools, you will learn how business works at a fundamental level, giving you the solid foundation you need to gain a competitive edge and boost your employability. Verified learners will have access to live cases, dedicated feedback and access to real-world industry insights.

You will learn core concepts of accounting, marketing, finance, and organizational behaviour. You will learn how to communicate effectively in a business setting, and immerse yourself in the reality of the business world and how it works.

The skills obtained in this program will give you the confidence to move into a business role, take on more complex projects at work, or take the next step in your management career.

Who is eligible:

  • Fundamental business training can help you secure your first significant business role, or take a next step in your management career.
  • Employees in technical roles looking to bridge the gap to a management career will find their job prospects significantly enhanced by the MicroMasters.
  • Job roles that would benefit include: sales/marketing coordinator, office manager, executive assistant, customer representative, management trainee, and technician.

Real Career Impact

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"At Hootsuite, we value and encourage continuous professional development. Having hired and been impressed with numerous graduates from the UBC Master of Management program, we’re excited to see this new MicroMasters program offering aimed at helping individuals pace their own understanding of business communication, financial accounting, marketing, and organizational behavior—all core business competencies essential for professionals who want to succeed in today’s marketplace."

— Adam Houghton , Sr. Director, Customer Success, Hootsuite

  • How organizations work: from understanding processes to diagnosing problems and effecting change.
  • How to communicate effectively in a business setting: understanding diverse audiences and building sound arguments.
  • How to use financial information to make good business decisions: the fundamental concepts of financial accounting, financial valuation, and making savings and investment decisions.
  • The role of marketing in creating value for consumers: understand how organizations can succeed by analyzing consumer behaviour and acting on it.

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How To Earn The MicroMasters Credential
Complete and successfully earn a Verified Certificate in all six courses. To obtain the Verified Certificate for the courses you must successfully complete a final assessment for each of the 6 courses. It is recommended learners take Business Foundations and Business Communications before enrolling in the other courses in the program.

Take Your Credential To The Next Level
You can combine your MicroMasters credential with on-campus study at UBC Sauder to receive a UBC Master of Management Degree.

Learners who successfully earn the MicroMasters Credential are eligible to apply for the Master of Management. Other eligibility and admission requirements apply - see the UBC Sauder website for further details.

Learners who have earned the MicroMasters Credential would be credited for 6 credits of the 31.5 credit Master of Management, and be able to complete the degree following only six months of study on campus compared to the regular nine month program.


bio for Elicia Salzberg

Elicia Salzberg

Lecturer, Law and Business Communications GroupUBC Sauder School of Business

bio for Marlisse Silver Sweeney

Marlisse Silver Sweeney

Lecturer, Law and Business Communications GroupUBC Sauder School of Business

bio for Jeff Kroeker

Jeff Kroeker

Lecturer, Accounting and Information Systems DivisionUBC Sauder School of Business

bio for Paul Cubbon

Paul Cubbon

Instructor, Marketing and Behavioural Science DivisionUBC Sauder School of Business

bio for Darren Dahl

Darren Dahl

Senior Associate Dean, Faculty & Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School; Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science DivisionUBC Sauder School of Business

bio for Perry Atwal

Perry Atwal

Lecturer, Organizational Behaviour and HR DivisionUBC Sauder School of Business

bio for Darren DeGraaf

Darren DeGraaf

Adjunct Professor, Finance GroupUBC Sauder School of Business


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