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About BeeWeb

BeeWeb  is a dynamic growing software development company with a proven track record in building web solutions for business. Being located in Yerevan, Armenia we are developing projects for customers from all around the globe.


Our team of high performing professionals provide effective solutions in web design and development focusing on new technologies and high quality. From consulting with clients to managing all phases of projects and coordinating with cross-functional team members, our team can make this happen.


Our top priority is Quality, the focus of every stage of product development. At Bee WebSystems, we believe that quality means meeting customer needs and expectations, so just like a bee, we work diligent and try to do our best to satisfy our clients. We appreciate good, long-term relationship with our clients, we serve individual approach to every client and project as we believe that quality and uniqueness is valued most.


“There are three responses to a web design - Yes, no and WOW! WOW is the one we aim for.” – Milton Glasser. 
Our Goal is to create WOW websites with functional designs. With the technological advancement in the 21st-century, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. The website should represent the brand, the identity and character of company and meet all the requirements of customers.

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2015

Number of Employees: 50-200

Location: Garegin Nzhdeh 34, 34 Business Center, 3rd floor, 1, Yerevan, Armenia


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5th anniversary of BeeWeb

Recently we celebrated BeeWeb’s 5th anniversary. During these years, just like a bee, we worked diligently and tried to do our best to accomplish any challenge we faced. We always followed our mission: “You Dream, We Implement”.

We chose the concept of HighFive to emphasize one of our core values, our positive team spirit. We build deep and warm connections within the team and never forget to celebrate our victories together. We believe that the secret of a successful project is an effective team work.

During the HighFive party our founders told us about the past path of the company and all difficulties they had faced in the process of establishing it. The progress was obvious: now we have several times more team members, our projects have bigger scope, the number of our clients has increased and we work in a creative and motivating environment. We also discussed our ambitious goals and the way we will reach them following our mission.

The BeeParty was really fantastic and memorable. It gave us extra motivation to work harder and harder to fulfill all our dreams and raised the team spirit. Follow us and you will soon hear about our new accomplishment.

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Why to join our BeeTeam

If you want to work in nice working ambiance, to grow as a specialist and an individual, if you want to be a member of a cool team and have an interesting daily life, if you are enthusiastic and ambitious person who has strong will and eager to learn more and more, you are in a right place.  Join our BeeTeam !

Working in BeeWeb you will get these benefits:

  • Ability to work 1 day from home every 3 months, flexible schedule
  • Annual bonuses and annual salary review
  • Staff referral program based on bonuses
  • Marriage, baby bonuses
  • Work anniversary bonus, performance-based bonuses
  • Participation in trainings, teambuilding activities and corporate events
  • Gamezone and fun activites
  • GYM discount
  • FREE coffee, tea, candy etc.


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Bee Team is dynamic, energetic, hard working and organized like a bee. Our working day starts with wide smiles of our colleagues and ends with motivation to do greater projects. We encourage everybody to:

✅ Bee Athletic

✅ Bee Healthy 

✅ Bee Friendly

✅ Bee Hardworking

✅ Bee Team Player

✅ Bee Organized

✅ Bee Relaxed

✅ Bee Competitive

✅ Bee Curious


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Annual bonus
Annual salary review
Complimentary tea, coffee and refreshments
Staff referral program
Teambuilding and corporate events
Sport package
Gamezone or fun activities
Company performance-based bonuses
Flexible working schedule
Reward System



Garegin Nzhdeh 34, 34 Business Center, 3rd floor, 1, Yerevan, Armenia