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"Shtigen" company was founded in 2011 with the aim of making economical and safe energy systems and technological solutions available to every inhabitant of the world. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved into a group of companies.

Shtigen Group includes Shtigen Energy Systems, Enerex, Andron, Shtigen Ventures, Shtigen Advisory, Shtigen Innovation, as well as the Shtigen Corporate Academy.

Shtigen Energy Systems specializes in installing solar devices such as solar panels, water heaters, storage batteries, charging systems, heating and cooling units, air filtration systems, virus removal devices, and other solar products in all regions of Armenia and Artsakh. The company has designed, built, and maintains the region's largest solar thermal station (known as "Grand Sport"), as well as Armenia's largest solar power stations.

Enerex operates within the liberalized electricity market, offering an alternative to traditional hydropower plants (HPPs) and providing electricity to consumers at more affordable tariffs.

Andron, an electric car company, exclusively represents the internationally renowned Neta brand in the RA. The company offers official warranties and high-quality technical service for their electric vehicles.

Shtigen Ventures is involved in investing in "Green" projects.

Shtigen Advisory offers a range of services including market research and analysis, business consulting, and business strategy development.

Shtigen Innovation focuses on providing support for innovative businesses.

One notable project within the Shtigen Group is the Shtigen Corporate Academy, which implements educational programs in schools, universities, secondary professional educational institutions, and for professionals in various fields.

As part of its corporate social and national responsibility, the Shtigen Group implements the project "Sunrize in Artsakh," aimed at establishing energy independence in Artsakh through solar technologies.

Shtigen Group strives to enhance the quality of life by utilizing cutting-edge energy technologies to reduce citizens' costs, conserve the planet's resources, exhibit exemplary business conduct, implement forward-thinking programs driven by corporate social and national responsibility, uphold employee rights, prioritize education, and maintain a strong connection to the homeland.




Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2011

Number of Employees: 50-200

Location: Դ․ Անհաղթ 23, տարածք 6, Երևան, ՀՀ, Yerevan, Armenia


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Դ․ Անհաղթ 23, տարածք 6, Երևան, ՀՀ, Yerevan, Armenia