Logistics Project Manager

Крайний срок: 21 Июнь 2024

Условия контракта: Постоянный

Категория: Управление продуктами/проектами

Тип вакансии: Полная ставка

Местонахождение: Ереван

Описание работы

The Logistics Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing logistics projects related to local deliveries of e-commerce orders. This role involves setting up processes from scratch, demanding exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and work under high pressure. The Logistics Project Manager will coordinate with various departments, vendors, and clients to ensure projects are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of local delivery operations.


  1. Project Planning and Execution:

    • Develop detailed project plans for local delivery initiatives, including scope, timeline, resources, and budget.
    • Coordinate cross-functional teams, including operations, delivery, customer service, and IT, to ensure project milestones and deliverables are met.
    • Monitor project progress and make adjustments as necessary to ensure successful completion.
  2. Process Setup and Implementation:

    • Design and implement logistics processes and workflows from the ground up to support local delivery operations.
    • Establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all aspects of local delivery, including order processing, dispatch, routing, and delivery.
    • Develop and implement tracking and reporting systems to monitor delivery performance and customer satisfaction.
  3. Resource Management:

    • Allocate resources effectively to meet the needs of local delivery projects.
    • Manage relationships with third-party delivery partners and vendors to secure necessary services and materials.
  4. Communication and Reporting:

    • Serve as the primary point of contact for project stakeholders, including e-commerce clients and internal teams.
    • Provide regular updates to senior management and other stakeholders on project status, issues, and risks.
  5. Quality Assurance:

    • Ensure that all project activities comply with company policies, procedures, and quality standards for local deliveries.
    • Conduct regular project reviews and audits to ensure adherence to project plans and quality standards.
    • Develop new strategies and solutions to reach the project goals in tight deadlines
  6. Team Leadership:

    • Lead and mentor project team members.
    • Foster a collaborative and high-performance team environment.
  7. Task Management:

    • Delegate tasks among project team.
    • Ensure timely completion of tasks.
    • Adjust priorities based on project needs and deadlines.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field. Any background in mathematics is an advantage.
  • Experience: Minimum of 3 years of experience in logistics, supply chain management, or project management, preferably within the e-commerce or local delivery sector. Proven track record of managing complex logistics projects. An experience of setting up any business related project or initiative from scratch is an advantage.
  • Skills:
    • Strong project management skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Excellent task management and delegation skills.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Flexibility and ability to come up with out-of-box solutions.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
    • Proficient in project management tools and MS Office.
    • Knowledge of logistics and supply chain management principles and practices, specifically in local delivery operations.
    • Ability to design and implement processes and workflows from scratch.
    • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Требуемый уровень кандидата: Старший

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