Senior Software Engineer

Крайний срок: 31 Июль 2020

Условия контракта: Постоянный

Категория: Программирование

Тип вакансии: Полная ставка

Местонахождение: Ереван

Описание работы

As a Software Engineer at Workfront, you will work with your Engineering team and partner with Product Management to take ideas for Workfront’s products and turn them into realized features in our Work Automation Cloud platform. You will work in an Agile environment and estimate assigned work, create OO designs, provide task breakdowns, implement features in Java monolith, disaggregate monolith and build new micro-services using Java and/or other modern languages (NodeJS, GoLang, Python etc.), web technologies (JavaScript, React, HTML5), multiple frameworks (Spring, Docker, AWS), and data technologies (RDBMS, NoSQL, Kafka, ElasticSearch).

As a Senior Software Engineer, you are more than just a coder. In addition to your software engineering responsibilities, you are also expected to guide a small to the medium-sized team to deliver in a product area by helping identify dependencies and risks for the group, being a planning consultant to the project managers, recommending improvements to our engineering practices and helping other engineers become more proficient in solving specific problems.


  • Create new features using our development technologies that will delight and inspire marketers, IT professionals, and other knowledge workers worldwide.
  • Create engineering designs that solve complex problems.
  • Fix occasional bugs in our SaaS platform - when your day was only somewhat less than awesome and unspeakably incredible.
  • Debate the optimal design and ideal user experience for a variety of unrealized features identified by our Product friends. Or propose some ideas of your own!
  • Help other software engineers find the best way to test your work to ensure that, not only does it work as advertised, but will continue to work and perform at mass scale when thousands upon thousands of people are using it at the same time.
  • Lead discussions with your team about what emerging tools, technologies, and processes are coming that may impact how we improve our products and our SaaS platform in the future.
  • Provide your well-considered opinions to the creation and modification of our technology roadmaps.
  • Be involved in company wide initiatives and help to achieve them. 
  • Set high standards for the team in terms of performance, quality and engineering practices (code reviews, pair programming, ect.)
  • Find the ways to continuously improve our SaaS platform.
  • Help and train other engineers.
  • Respect and do your work with our core company values. 
  • At the end of a release, as the rest of the company is validating that, in fact, you and your team’s work is indeed awesome and unspeakably incredible, take some time to do some research, train in new technology, participate in a team-building exercise – with your team.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering (or equivalent education) or equivalent work experience.
  • 5-7 years of programming experience with 3+ years of recent experience in a language and/or technology in use at Workfront (Java, Spring, Docker, AWS, JavaScript, React).
  • Demonstrate sound knowledge of Database basics such as joins, constraints, stored procedures, triggers and schema design.
  • Working experience with CI/CD pipelines (GitLab)
  • Experience with Docker or Kubernetes 
  • Experience with logging/monitoring tools (Splunk, Grafana)
  • Be able to prove that you can take a problem and represent it in an Object-Oriented Design while calling out assumptions, discussing design alternatives and considering non-functional aspects of the system (e.g. Performance, Maintainability etc.).
  • Experience optimizing software to run fast, be reliable and fail safely – O(n) analysis should not be new to you.
  • Be able to design features that require coordination of multiple threads using various communication/coordination mechanisms.
  • Have a story to tell about how you have utilized threads, mutexes, semaphores, critical sections or debugged complex issues in a distributed environment.

Now blow our minds away by having:

  • Have a unique experience in real-time or massively distributed systems, public cloud, or PaaS systems like AWS, GCP or Azure, databases, or big data.
  • Demonstrate extraordinary communication skills to the point where we feel that, not only can you talk to engineers, but to the CEO and everyone in between and do credit to our organization.
  • Convince us that you have successfully led measurable and, preferably, dramatic improvements in the engineering practices of a software team and that you have the passion and drive to do it again.
  • Show that you are a person who, upon seeing a problem, moves quickly to solve it instead of waiting for permission and specific instructions from others.

Требуемый уровень кандидата: Старший

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