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DataArt is a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, helping clients take their businesses forward. Recognized for their deep domain expertise and superior technical talent, DataArt teams create new products and modernize complex legacy systems that affect technology transformation in select industries.

DataArt has earned the trust of some of the world’s leading brands and most discerning clients, including Nasdaq, skyscanner, Ocado, Betfair, Meetup, Regus and Tinkoff. DataArt brings together expertise of over 2,800 professionals in 22 locations in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

DataArt in numbers:

— 2,800+ professionals
— 22 years in operation
— 12 million hours of R&D and Software work 
— 3,500 projects completed successfully 
— 20+ offices in USA, Europe, and Latin America
— $140 mln — revenue in 2018


Glassdoor review score — 4.6


Team satisfaction survey 2018:

  • 79% of colleagues are satisfied with their working environment
  • 87% of colleagues want to spend a significant part of their career at DataArt
  • 92% of members of our team are ready to recommend DataArt as a good employer to their friends and family

DataArt’s employer reputation and high quality of our corporate services get the highest satisfaction scores among our team members

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Ընկերության տեսակը` Այլ
Հիմնադրման տարեթիվ` 1997

Աշխատողների քանակը` 200 և ավելի

Գտնվելու վայրը: 3 Ձորափի փողոց

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People and relationships is the foundation on which we have built our success. We invest in long-term relationships, with our colleagues and clients alike. We’re a global technology consultancy with deep tech and domain expertise. We embrace change and foster an environment of experiment and learning which lets us illuminate our talents and apply them within our ecosystem.

PEOPLE FIRST: our relationships with clients and colleagues are based on mutual respect, no matter our differences.

EXPERTISE: open up your potential within DA ecosystem.

FLEXIBILITY: experiment and learn, embrace change.

TRUST: is at the core of our relationships with partners and colleagues. We lead via context and let professionals to do their work the best they can.

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We are experts in

  • Finance
  • E-commerce and online-travel commerce
  • Healthcare & Life sciences
  • Media & Entertainment
  • IoT/M2M and wearable devices
  • Telecom
  • Retail & Distribution
  • iGaming
  • Cloud solutions
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile technology
  • UX/UI design

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